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CTVISTA+ MOBILE APP: The mobile app now features off-line log sheet data entry for those situations where no connectivity is available.


New features in the Monitoring Status section:

·       Ability to ‘edit’ to add or remove tests at the System level.

·       Ability to add multiple configured tests into one column and re-label the column.

SUPPORT FOR SCIENTIFIC NOTATION FOR BIO TESTING: New ability to configure and record test results using scientific notation, and to plot these results in a trend chart.

MULTI-LANGUAGE SUPPORT FOR SDSs: New ability to set your preferred language for SDSs, and to view and print an SDS in the language specified.


New ‘advanced inventory tracking’ capability to track and report actual vs theoretical product consumption and a comparison of actual vs budgetary spend.  

New ability to record inventory readings in a unit of measure different than the reporting unit of measure (for example: record inventory in tank level inches but report in gallons).

For products whose inventory is being tracked using tank level sensors, new ability to create a trend chart showing usage rate.

Other new inventory features include: the ability to clone an existing container to speed the setup of a new system; the ability to include Tank IDs in inventory log sheets.