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New Features

CTVISTA+ MOBILE APP: The mobile app now features off-line log sheet data entry for those situations where no connectivity is available.


VALUE PROJECTS: new ability to track and report on Value Projects. Capture a summary of the project and its ROI, project team members, action steps with email reminders to owners, and an ability to create a summary of the project in Word, PDF, or PowerPoint formats.

SURFACE CONDENSER MONITORING: an all-new tool for monitoring, troubleshooting, and reporting on surface condensers. Minimize customer TCO by providing insights and performance predictions.

now supports metric units and all CTVista+ languages.

new ability to specify a fixed start date while leaving the end date rolling.

CONTROLLERS: new ability to perform a calculation using parameters tracked by the controller and be able to create a trend chart.

INTERFACE: CTVista+ will now automatically take you to the left-side menu item that was last used from the previous session.