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CTVista+ will be down for routine maintenance this Wednesday morning for ~ 5 hours. The approximate timing will be from 12 am to 5 am EDT on Wednesday April 21

New Features

VALUE PROJECTS: new ability to track and report on Value Projects. Capture a summary of the project and its ROI, project team members, action steps with email reminders to owners, and an ability to create a summary of the project in Word, PDF, or PowerPoint formats.

SURFACE CONDENSER MONITORING: an all-new tool for monitoring, troubleshooting, and reporting on surface condensers. Minimize customer TCO by providing insights and performance predictions.

  • KPI DASHBOARD and SUMMARY DATA in REPORTS: new ability to have "Past 2 Weeks" and "Past 6 Months" as historical time period comparison options.
  • SUMMARY DASHBOARD: Items that Require Attention, ability to show the Display Name instead of the original Test Name.
  • SUMMARY DASHBOARD: ability to drag and drop columns to change their order.
  • SUMMARY and KPI DASHBOARDS: option to include controller data in the monitoring status rollup and the gauge charts.
  • New ability to create bar charts for micro-bio testing.
  • Option to include controller data in the trend statistics.