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CTVISTA+ MOBILE APP: The mobile app now features off-line log sheet data entry for those situations where no connectivity is available.

DASHBOARDSnew ability to group systems, and then filter the data shown in the roll-ups to only include data that align to the systems contained in the grouping (KPI and Summary Dashboards)..  

For the Summary Dashboard, additional flexibility as to which sections to include.


On the main Reports screen, a new ability to directly search and display a specific report template (helpful for when there are many templates).

Summary Data Reports: you can now specify an end-date to be the most recent month, quarter, or year. These reports now also include data associated with controllers / sensors.

Trend charts: when adding trend charts to a report or report template, new ability to add ALL existing trend charts as an option.


New ability to click on a specific data point and go directly to the log sheet associated with it.

For the Y-axis label, new ability to use the sample name instead of the test name. 

CONTENT LIBRARYNew ability to perform bulk adds and bulk deletions of files; new ability to upload Excel files.