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CTVISTA+ MOBILE APP: The mobile app now features off-line log sheet data entry for those situations where no connectivity is available. 


  • Ability to ‘edit’ to add or remove tests at the System level.
  • Ability to add multiple configured tests into one column and re-label the column.
  • For the Summary Dashboard report, new ability to edit the report title when scheduling.

LOG SHEETS: New ‘quick-access’ drop-down box to make it easier to find and open a specific log sheet template.


  • New ability to specify 2 weeks as the chart time window.
  • X-axis standardization of the date intervals.

REPORTS: For the Summary Data report, new option to include only the system summary information and exclude the details under it.

SUPPORT FOR SCIENTIFIC NOTATION FOR BIO TESTING: New ability to configure and record test results using scientific notation, and to plot these results in a trend chart.